Blockchain, FinTech What Are Different?

Do you Know clearly about Blockchain And FinTech but you will not know blockchain will have more opportunities when non-Fintech.
Blockchain and FinTech often go together. And for good reason! But there is more to stop than financial innovation. Let’s take a look at the non-Fintech opportunities on the chain.

Blockchain And FinTech – 7 Different things

First of all, what do I want to say to FinTech? Each company has a reasonable amount of spending, and you can argue that any company financially on the blockchain is FinTech, but that’s too crude. That’s why I would just consider projects using blockchain not just cash flow. So there is no exchange, trading floor, trade service, market, payment service, purse supplier, technology supplier, consultant, etc.

The first Different thing about Blockchain and FinTech: Identity management

Blockchain And FinTech. Why only Blockchain will Identity management. Cause Wallets are usually more than money, they also have many ways to identify you. The same in the blockchain world. Identity management and validation are increasingly important as applications and integration increase. Do you know all your online accounts? Do you know all apps that are connected to your GMail account?

Many wallet providers have jumped at this opportunity. Some highlights are: uPort, Evernym and Tradle are the basis for all types of identity attributes involved. Hypr, Uniquid and Civic identify you biometrically. And Shocard do both, for banks and airlines. Bitnation and Borderless lead all by granting virtual passports to their virtual nations.

The Second Different thing about Blockchain and FinTech: notary and legal services

The blockchain is good for integrity and hearing, as the notary. Autonomous allows you to mix through the blockchain. Mistake let you manage your employee selection program on the chain. Some Neufund services offer fall into this category too.


The Third Different thing about Blockchain and FinTech: Democracy and Governance

Like before, anti-fraud and verifiability make blockchain perfect for voting systems. Followmyvote uses it to vote for the government election. Projects like Dash, Digix and Tezos have their administrators on the chain. Boardroom and Colony allow you to manage your organization on the blockchain.


4. Different thing about Blockchain and FinTech Real estate

One of the notary lines of opportunity is real estate. BenBen, Midasium and Ubitquity are using blockchain to track real estate ownership. Deloitte, Rotterdam and CIC are putting lease agreements into blockchain to make the process faster and easier. Future gadgets include automatic rent tracking / payment and data analysis. Epigraph is building a citizen registry online. Harmony of Factom improved the management of mortgage documents, but now we are entering FinTech. The real estate opportunity seems so big that it holds its own conference, IBREA.

5. Different thing about Blockchain and FinTech: Authenticity of valuables

Art trade relies on an expensive appraiser and a certificate to verify authenticity. Like real estate, there is an opportunity to keep track of high value properties on this blockchain. For the art world there are Verisart, Ascribe and Artchain. For the diamond is Everledger. And for all those pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals, luxury items and electronics have Blockroadify.


6. Different thing about Blockchain and FinTech  The Internet of Things

The Internet of things is about decentralized devices, a good match for blockchain decentralization. Integration allows devices to act as independent economic agents, charge users, and place orders or repairs. It also adds a layer of security required for IoT., Modum, Chronicled, Filament and Ubrich are working in this field. A recent project, Share & Charge allows you to set up your own electric vehicle charging station.
The incumbents are also looking at this opportunity. Samsung and IBM are working together to make your washing machine self-management of soap supplies, power supply and warranty through Blockchain. They continue to look at the bidding market for advertising screens.


7. Different thing about Blockchain and FinTech Smart Grid

The energy market is increasingly decentralized by all sun installations on the roof. Instead of taking electricity from a large coal plant, you can get it from your neighbor’s roof. Lo3, Siemens, IBM, Samsung, Gridsingularity, SolarChange and Electron are working on blockchain solutions to meet the needs and generate electricity efficiently and safely.

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