Non-profit group for state medical boards is launching a new blockchain pilot

A national non-profit group for public health committees is launching a new pilot aimed at digital.

The Federation of State Health Councils (FSMB) announced today that it will be the latest organization to test the use of Blockcerts, an open source standard built on Bitcoin by Learning Machine Technologies and MIT Media Lab developed. Nonprofit organizations use this technology to create digital records for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Although most groups so far to test the standards have been the study organization, FSMB pilots represent a notable use case in the medical field. FSMB started in the early 20th century and counted 70 medical and osteopathic board in the United States

The published online documentation shows that pilots started last month, although this time it is unclear whether the FSMB will consider any application of technology beyond the pilot range.

“Verifying that health education and related certifications are a very important endeavor, and we hope that the continued success of this pilot can provide the degree of certainty needed to implement the work. Technology blockchain in the licensing and medical licensing process, “said Michael Dugan, FMSB head of information, in a statement.

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